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The Right Way to Go Through a Divorce: The Value of Professional Support During Separation

The average separation/divorce takes three years to complete and 70% of people leave the relationship emotionally two years before they leave the relationship physically. Yet very few of us spend that time thinking about how the process will go and what they want the future to look like.

How much easier would the process be if we could map the whole thing out and really think about all the possible variations of who gets what, who does what and when, how we’re going to respond when our partner does why, what are our triggers?

Separating is up there are one of the top three most stressful events in anyone’s lives and there are whole stages of grief, anger, resentment, fear, upset, excitement, the whole kit and caboodle of emotions to go through. Yet many of us go through it alone for various good – and not so good – reasons.

While it’s important to have supportive friends and family around us, we also need experts and professionals on our team too, people who can be relied upon to give objective, honest advice and feedback because while friends and family are great, they may not be the most detached people in this whole thing!

After experiencing her own traumatic separation and divorce, making a lot of mistakes and finishing with a lot of regrets, Bridgette Jackson now supports other people going through the same experience to hopefully come out the other end in the best frame of mind and feeling as good about everything as they possibly can.

Whether you’re in a happy relationship yourself or not, this kind of information is important to know because we all know someone who needs this support.


  • 01:36 – Bridget’s story & journey through divorce
  • 14:33 – The right way to go through a divorce
  • 17:47 – The difficulties with divorce lawyers
  • 20:39 – Most of us are unaware of our triggers & what doesn’t work in our relationships
  • 27:50 – How to support your children through separation
  • 32:05 – Women emotionally leave a relationship two years prior to separation
  • 38:27 – What you should NOT do in a divorce
  • 40:33 – Managing your own emotions & dealing with feelings of failure
  • 46:27 – How to get in touch with Bridgette Jackson

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About Today’s Guest: Bridgette Jackson

CDC-certified Divorce/Separation Coach with a post graduate dispute resolution qualification. AIMNZ Trained Divorce Mediator (AIMNZ), Relationship Coach (Institute for Life Coaching), founder of Equal Exes

Bridgette is considered New Zealand’s most renowned CDC-certified Divorce/Separation Coach. She possesses a post graduate dispute resolution qualification, is a trained divorce mediator (AIMNZ). Relationship Coach (Institute for Life Coach Training) and enrolled as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand. She also founded Equal Exes,
the leading Divorce/Separation coaching and settlement experts in New Zealand.

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