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Don’t Do Separating Alone: How To Get The Support We Need

When we’re feeling anxious or depressed, we often feel very alone. When you add wanting to leave your partner into that mix, the helplessness and overwhelm can increase exponentially..

Many of us hide just how unhappy we are with our lives behind facades, to ourselves as well as to everyone else, so even just making enquiries as to the process of separating from our partner can be something that we don’t want to discuss with anyone. Should we stay or should we go? What’s the process? What’s the answer?

When Carolyn Tate and her friend, Gillian Moody, found themselves going through separation and divorce, they realised that they were so lucky to have each other there to share the load because the number of new conversations with different people (lawyers, counsellors, teachers, family, friends, partners) that they had to have was overwhelming and downright terrifying. Yet most people who are thinking of separating do all this on their own.

The two friends set out to create a resource where women could go to get all the information they needed to help them through this time in their life. They enrolled the support of solicitors, counsellors, psychologists and other experts and they created groups where women could go to share what was happening in their lives in a safe space without judgement.

They called it The Women’s Divorce Academy.

About Today’s Guest: Carolyn Tate

Carolyn Tate is a divorce mentor and journalist who, along with best friend and fellow divorcee Gillian Moody, has taken her lived experience of struggling through divorce and worked with a team of experts in law, psychology, finance, parenting, health and more to create a program that helps women move into a new phase of their life with peace and confidence. Carolyn lives in a noisy blended household in Brisbane with her partner and their four children. You can learn more about Carolyn and Women’s Divorce Academy at<blockquote

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