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Sitting with our thoughts, self-awareness & belonging With Gaj Ravichandra

French philosopher Pascal in the 19th century had this beautiful quote that I think goes id something along the lines of this…

All of the world’s problems come from the fact that we cannot sit alone in a room by ourselves with our thoughts.

Understanding our behaviours, reactions, our personality is so important, but for a lot of people, sitting with our inner thoughts, and analysing ourselves is one of the most uncomfortable things we will ever do. 

This week Gaj Ravichandra and I discuss the elements that make our personality, how fear drives our lives and how we are all broken.

About Today’s Guest: Gaj Ravichandra

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kompass, Registered Psychologist, Masters of Commerce, Mental Toughness trainer / facilitator / Career & Executive Coach

Since Gaj was a child, he has been fascinated by those who achieve greatness. He discovered through experience that mindset – more than background or circumstance – was one of the biggest determinants of personal and professional fulfilment for many people. Armed with that insight, he wanted to understand how he could empower others to reach their highest potential, so he chose to pursue Psychology. In doing so, he learnt that helping people was his calling and that he could leave a trail of happiness behind him in everything he did.

Today, he has the career he dreamed of.

As a Peak Performance & Executive Coach for 20 years, Gaj facilitates workshops and 1:1 Coaching around the world to equip his clients with the skills they need to achieve their dreams and to see a brighter future for themselves.

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