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Speak Your Truth: The Path to Finding Your Voice

Our voices naturally change over time through age, hormones and all the different life experiences that we have.

But what happens when your voice changes to the point where you have difficulty being heard in conversation or you sound timid or uncertain? How do you overcome that?

When singer and voice coach, Emmanuela Grace, started coaching other people on how to make the most of their voices, she soon realised that some people needed more than voice coaching to be able to speak comfortably and confidently.

For example, why do some people struggle with small talk? Why do so many of us struggle with public speaking? Why do women often feel self conscious when they have to talk to a group of mainly male directors? And why do many women shy away from stating where their boundaries are?

So off Emmanuela went to do a degree in psychology so she could answer these questions and fully support people. With a fascinating combination of psychology and voice coaching, Emmanuela talks us through the process of learning about ourselves so we can feel more comfortable and confident in all situations.


  • 06:34 – Why learning to speak up may involve more than just a voice coach
  • 07:29 – Why small talk can feel so overwhelming and difficult
  • 09:41 – How to overcome fear & not take any nonsense
  • 12:43 – Having the freedom to say no & do what YOU want
  • 15:56 – Children need boundaries to feel safe & free
  • 21:35 – How to connect to who you truly are & become aligned
  • 27:42 – How your voice changes as you get older
  • 31:19 – How to use your voice & sing after becoming a mother
  • 36:45 – How to work with Emmanuela & honour your voice

*** Emmanuela has done a special video for you on how to get your vocal chords ready before you go into an important conversation. Link below:


About Today’s Guest: Emmanuala Grace

Emmanuella Grace is a coach, speaker, and facilitator in the mental, physical, and creative skills to speak up and communicate with clarity, confidence, and poise.

Emmanuella has performed both as a soloist and in choirs at venues including the Sydney Opera House, Hamer Hall, and for ABC Radio in Australia and Royal Albert Hall, The Barbican and BBC Radio in the UK. As a composer, her music has been featured in film and advertising was short-listed for an award at the ÉCU European Independent Film Festival in Paris and was featured at the Theresianisten Ball in Vienna.

As the founder of Find Your Voice, Emmanuella’s training and experience uniquely encompasses the fields of professional musicianship, psychology, and education. With decades of performance and coaching experience in Australia, the UK, Europe, and the USA Emmanuella Grace has helped thousands of people to find their voice.

Connect with Emmanuala Grace:




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