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How To Successfully Be in An Open Relationship With Deborah McGinnis

With the divorce rate at around 50%, we need to revaluate how we do relationships and marriages

Most people are sceptical of open relationships, but could they be the answer to the increasing divorce rates?

Today I’m joined Deborah McGinnis who is a lawyer and property manager, now moving into the world of relationship counselling – with an emphasis on open relationships. There’s a study that says about 20% of adults in the US have been involved open relationships, which is quite a substantial amount! However, I think it can either go really well or really wrong – and there are a few things which can help with it being successful.

Deborah has so much insight into this topics and shares her experience from talking to people who are in open relationships. This is a fascinating episode about a rather taboo topic!

Open Relationship With Deborah McGinnis

About Today’s Guest: Deborah McGinnis

Creator and Principal Counsellor of Open Relationship Counselling

Deborah is the creator of Open Relationship Counselling, a practice dedicated to serving those people involved in – or thinking about being in – an open relationship. She emphasises consent, and open ethical communication and having the ability to share with the people you love without fear of judgment, including from your therapist!

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