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How To Survive Medical Trauma with Shana Pereira

When trauma of any kind descends on us, it can be very difficult to keep from sinking into depression, hopelessness and apathy but some people seem to manage it.

How do you manage your emotions, take responsibility while being open to other people’s ideas, and allow your loved ones to support you without taking onboard their upset and pain? Also, how do you make the best decisions for yourself and your life while you’re in the middle of all fear, pain and upset?

Anyone who’s ever been told that they or a loved one has a life threatening medical condition will know how the mind and body can shut down. You don’t hear things, you can’t function, your whole existence seems to initially be one of numbness followed by overwhelming and often incapacitating emotions. Unfortunately, there are decisions to be made, people to notify, things to do.

At age 35, Shana Pereira was told that her kidneys were failing. Five years later and still waiting for a transplant, she was told that her heart was also failing. At Christmas 2020, while doctors were telling her that a heart and kidney donor had been found, Shana went into cardiac arrest and flatlined for 2 minutes. She was rushed to surgery where they manually kept her heart beating until the replacement arrived several hours later.

Now Shana is supporting other people going through challenging medical experiences about how to take care of yourself emotionally and physically and how to set yourself up with a medical team that’s going to give you support in a way that works best for you. In other words, how to take responsibility for your own medical journey while allowing your doctors to perform to the best of their ability. It’s not about taking control, it’s about creating a team. Timestamps:

  • 01:11 – Shana’s story of survival 
  • 13:36 – How Shana dealt with the near-death experience & her outer body experience
  • 28:18 – How to deal with an overload of information from doctors
  • 32:00 – Become your own best friend & support system
  • 43:45 – How Shana supports individuals in surviving medical crises 
  • 46:27 – How to connect to Shana

About Today’s Guest: Shana Pereira


Emigrating to the US in 2003, Shana recognized the opportunity that it was to create a new life in a new country and she made the most of it. Having won over 30 industry awards including the coveted Cannes Lion, Shana is lauded by her peers to be one of the best in the advertising industry having worked on Fortune 100 brands such as Virgin Group, AT&T, Activision, Wells Fargo, Nike and many more..

Doctors describe her as the COO of her medical team. When her kidneys failed, Shana recognized that she would need to lift herself and her executive training kicked in. She interviewed, hired and fired doctors until she had assembled a team of Doctors who shared her values and approached their work like she did – committed to excellence and knowing anything is possible.

Shana continues to excel in the Advertising industry and using her skills to share herself with the world. Her experiences bring hope to anyone who hears them, brings comfort for those dealing with stressful situations and shines a light on a commonality that unifies us – the fear of dying.

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