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The Best of 2023: Menopause, Toxic Relationships, Essential Oils and more!

What a year it’s been! What were the most impactful moments that shaped our understanding of self-awareness, resilience, and personal growth in 2023?

This is your opportunity to reflect, learn, and celebrate the wisdom we’ve gathered together. Get ready for a rollercoaster of inspiration as we explore the Best of 2023!

In this episode Karen O’Connor reflects on the most popular episodes of her podcast from the past year. She highlights snippets from interviews with various guests, covering topics such as aromatherapy for menopause symptoms, managing hormones in menopause, toxic relationships, essential oils, and the importance of self-awareness, setting boundaries, and finding ways to cope with trauma and stress.

“We’re all searching for something, but there’s a difference between having a purpose and being purposeful.”

Key Takeaways:

  • How aromatherapy can be helpful for managing menopause symptoms, hormone levels and sensitivities.
  • How recognising and understanding patterns of behavior can help break negative cycles and promote personal growth.
  • Coping with Trauma from both major events and smaller, cumulative experiences, often leading to addictive behaviors.
  • Managing stress and promoting mental well-being through exercise and meditation
  • Why Gaslighting Awareness is vital in preserving one’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences.


“Menopause is not a Xanax deficiency. It’s about supporting our bodies and finding ways to alleviate symptoms.” – Lisa Baker


07:41 – The risks and benefits of ingesting essential oils with aromatherapist Amy Anthony
12:03 – How Lisa Baker helps women through the menopause period
15:25 – Reclaiming agency over body and health choices
17:14 – Fear of expressing ourselves and being accepted
20:43 – Dealing with fragility, anxiety, and uncertainty
25:00 – Importance of guidelines for letting go of stress and trauma.
27:22 – Breaking negative relationship patterns through therapy and self-awareness.
30:51 – Coping with toxic behavior by focusing on meditation and exercise.
35:24 – Differentiating between extreme gaslighting and normal relationship dynamics.

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