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The most dramatic year of my life: Turning 60, Separation, Moving House

Have you found yourself reflecting on how 2023 has treated you so far? As we reflect on the lessons learned, let’s explore together how we can collectively make a big impact on the canvas of 2024.

In this episode, Karen reflects on her podcast journey and shares updates on her life over the past year. She discusses the vulnerability and challenges of sharing personal thoughts and experiences. Karen explores the concept of finding purpose in life and the pressure society places on individuals to have a singular purpose. She also delves into her decision to take a break from her long-term marriage to rediscover herself and her desires. Karen highlights the importance of addressing discomfort and making changes to live a more fulfilling life.

I don’t have a single purpose in life, a single goal that I want to achieve, a single thing that I’m going to do and make it my life’s meaning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why finding a singular purpose in life can be challenging, and it’s okay to have multiple purposes and goals.
  • How goals can feel restrictive, and how focusing on outcomes and experiences can provide more freedom and possibilities.
  • The importance of  prioritising one’s own wants and needs instead of solely focusing on others.
  • How society’s expectations and gender roles can limit personal growth and fulfillment.
  • How taking action and addressing discomfort can lead to personal growth and a more authentic life.


03:37 – The limitations of setting goals and finding meaning
08:17 – Exploring the idea of spending time apart in a long-term relationship
13:26 – The difficulty of making the decision to separate
18:07 – Taking action and embracing uncertainty is perceived as unusual
24:11 – Gender differences are mostly a result of societal training
27:49 – Children’s response to bullying is ostracising the bully.
33:05 – Tolerating inappropriate behavior as a woman.
35:52 – Realisation of tolerating discomfort and danger in life.
39:14 – Feeling the cognitive dissonance of being a woman in patriarchy.

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