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The Shocking Truth Behind Your Menopausal Weight Gain with Sylvia North

Entering perimenopause and menopause feels like strapping into a hormonal rollercoaster where your body throws a curveball of changes your way – and let’s be real, not all of them are the kind you’d call pleasant.

Ever wondered why perimenopause and menopause seem like a health rollercoaster for many women?

In this episode, Sylvia North discusses the impact of insulin resistance on women’s health during perimenopause and menopause. If you have gained weight and are having difficulty losing weight, you may have a resistance to insulin. As we get older we lose a lot of estrogen which can lead to this resistance, and increases the risk of heart problems, bone density issues, and diabetes. Sylvia shares how best to manage blood sugar levels and the best diet for menopausal women. She also delves into the role of stress, exercise, and sleep in maintaining metabolic health.

What is insulin resistance?
Insulin resistance occurs when cells become less efficient at using different types of fuels, such as glucose and fat.

Health Insights Sylvia North

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist

Insulin is a storage hormone, it’s a growth hormone. It also makes you hungry.

Key Takeaways:

  • How insulin resistance induces metabolic alterations, elevates the risk of chronic diseases and affects the body’s ability to use glucose and fat efficiently, resulting in weight gain and difficulty losing weight.
  • The importance of adequate protein intake during menopause to support muscle and bone health.
  • Why balanced meals and snacks are essential for stable blood sugar levels
  • Factors contributing to insulin resistance and metabolic health
  • Recommended diet and holistic approaches to maintaining metabolic health during menopause


01:12 – Hidden impacts of perimenopause and menopause
03:24 – Insulin resistance and its effects on the body
09:00 – Impact of high carb diet on brain fog
11:15 – Managing blood sugar during perimenopause
16:52 – Good nutrition during perimenopause
22:29 – Use hand size as a guide for protein portion sizes
24:21 – Importance of getting enough protein in meals
26:38 – Considerations for intermittent fasting and protein intake
30:11 – Strategies for weight loss and improving metabolic flexibility
36:35 – The best diet and reducing hunger cravings

Sylvia is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist from New Zealand. She is also a PhD candidate and lecturer at the Auckland University of Technology, where her main area of research is in gestational diabetes. As an advocate for whole-food nutrition, her clinical practice focuses on supporting metabolic health and averting lifestyle diseases. She has a special interest in women’s health and supports female clients in optimising hormonal health and fertility, including those planning pregnancy.

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