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Trauma Recovery: How to Create a Plan for Your Journey Towards Healing & Growth

One woman’s journey to recovering from trauma

How she’s now supporting teenagers on their journey…

There’s power in having a voice. That’s why Donna Arnold is determined to help teenage girls take back control over their lives and recover from trauma because every girl’s journey is unique and worth fighting for. ⁣⁣

Through her own personal experiences, Donna has created a way to bring hope, support and encouragement to girls and young women who have suffered from trauma, help them to realise their potential, build confidence and find strength. 

Join us to hear Donna’s journey and how she’s now supporting other people on their journeys.

About Today’s Guest: Donna Arnold

Trauma Survivor

Donna was recently informed that she has lived with undiagnosed PTSD & Depression caused by multiple trauma in the first 30 years of her life which has never been treated. Sexual abuse, alcoholic parents, domestic violence – parents & mother dying as a victim, herself a victim, abandonment, verbal & emotional abuse.
Now wants to help young people with some support she wished she had at 15.

Passionate about travel and discovering ancestor stories, Donna always has her camera primed, multiple destinations and itineraries partly prepared and a suitcase within quick and easy reach. Recently, after learning about her own overlooked need for support to treat PTSD and Depression that she wished she had received decades earlier, Donna has begun getting involved and helping young people who have had similar experiences.

‘Too often, kids aren’t aware of the long term effects of witnessing Domestic Violence, drug abuse etc that they’ve been exposed to and could be destroying their chances for happiness and possibly their kid’s’ she believes.

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