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The TRUTH About Aromatherapy and Why You SHOULDN’T Use Oils Every Day with Amy Anthony, Clinical Aromatherapist

Why You SHOULDN’T Use Oils Every Day

The ACTUAL research behind essential oils and their uses!

We all know of those MLM companies who sell essential oils and promote daily use of oils to maximise their efficacy,

But is that true? Should you be using several different oils several times a day? Should you be ingesting them?

Join me in conversation with Amy Anthony, certified Clinical Aromatherapist, educator and distiller as we dispel the myths and discuss how to correctly use essential oils and what they’re actually for.

About Today’s Guest: Amy Anthony

Aromatherapist, Aromatic Gardner.

Amy is a certified clinical Aromatherapist and Aromatic Gardner, aromatherapy educator, herbalist, gardener, certified master composter and artisanal distiller And host of the Essential Aromatica podcast. Amy is one of NYC’s top aromatherapy practitioners.

Listed as one of America’s most influential aromatherapists, Amy Anthony is currently the New York State representative for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and has her private practice called NYC Aromatica.

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