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On voting, Trump and the terrifying future of the United States with Kerri Wilson

There is so much hate and destruction happening everyday, and it’s only getting worse with leaders like Donald Trump and decisions like Roe v Wade.

But what’s it like living amidst the madness? Without a free and accessible health care system, or mandatory voting, the US is a step behind many other Western countries – so what are the consequences of this?

After Trump was elected in 2016, suddenly everyone was allowed to openly express homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism etc without any consequences. It became okay to voice all of your own inner securities because the president was doing so too.

This dynamic is extremely dangerous and as we have seen Trump in government was only the beginning of much turmoil and polarisation.  

One particular aspect of the US system which is not helping the situation is the lack of mandatory voting. I think that it is extremely important for all people (above 18) should take an interest in their country and take the time to vote for what they believe in.

Today’s guest, Kerri Wilson, is a US citizen who is horrified and saddened at the way her country is going. Tune in to this controversial and potentially polarising conversation with someone who lives in the heart of the chaos.

“I’m terrified for my children. I’m terrified for my oldest daughter who has been sucked into the Christian religion”

About Today’s Guest: Guest name

She is the owner and founder of Live More health coaching

Certified Health and Wellness Practitioner, Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Exercise Scientist

 After spending 10 years in the health and wellness field, she found herself becoming more and more tired of the diet culture, the health care system in the US, and how the two unfortunately often go hand in hand. In October of 2021 she decided to get away from it all and has been working in affordable housing. She is eager to get back into doing things in a way that feel good for her and her clients.

If she ever has a spare moment she creates gluten free and low carb goodies for sale, officiates weddings, and is busy mom to six kids (3 of her own and 3 bonus). She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, their youngest child, and their 2 dogs. 

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