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When is it okay for a widow to smile, laugh or to love again? With Marie Alessi

When a man loses his wife, he is expected to move on, to find another.

When a woman loses her husband, she is expected to stay alone, honour her husbands memory and live in the past forever.

When a woman loses her husband, there are these unspoken expectations held by society. And so when she moves on, when others see her enjoying herself, smiling, laughing, they judge her (whether consciously or subconsciously). 

Moreover, we have this idea that if you love someone, you can never love again to the same standard, but this is simply not true.

After losing her husband, Marie Alessi has dedicated her life to helping other people move through grief. Join us again, as we discuss moving on, expectations and redefining our image of a widow.

About Today’s Guest: Marie Alessi

Coach, Speaker, Author, Mother

Marie Alessi is a mother to two boys, a bestselling Author, Coach & TEDx Speaker. After her husband passed from a brain aneurysm, she chose Happiness as her North Star. Marie has become a shining example of choosing Love over fear and sadness.

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