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Why Men’s Emotional Immaturity Causes More Problems As We Grow Older With Ryan O’Connor


It’s no secret that men are often emotionally immature and it can be a huge source of frustration and resentment – and the major cause for separation – for their partners.

Emotional immaturity in a partner can lead to unhealthy relationships, lack of communication and trust, and ultimately, an inability to build meaningful connections.

Whether it’s a lack of emotional intelligence or an inability to express feelings, emotional immaturity can have a huge impact on relationships.

Unfortunately, because of this immaturity, many women end up acting as a parent to their partners and taking on the responsibility for their behaviour and acting as their moral compass. Whilst it might work in the short term, it’s like having to be permanently responsible for 3 year old who’s never going to grow up.

And it’s exhausting.

Listen to this episode and let me know your thoughts.

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About Today’s Guest: Ryan O’Connor

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