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Why We Are More Than Just What We Eat With nutritionist Sally Imeson


Eating right is important – but it’s far from the only way to take care of ourselves

It’s about building healthy habits and creating positive changes in our life.

Self care is an essential part of life, but it goes beyond just eating well and taking care of your physical health. It’s about putting yourself first and making sure that you’re taking the time to nurture your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It’s about understanding what works best for you in terms of nutrition and exercise, but also recognizing the importance of finding balance in all aspects of life. 

Self care isn’t just about eating well – it’s about nourishing your whole self.

Join me in conversation with nutritionist Sally Imeson as we talk about the impact of not looking after ourselves properly.

Budget Healthy with Sally

About Today’s Guest Sally Imeson

Owner and Founder of The Power of The Kitchen Table

After travelling for a few years after school, Sally studied as a mature age student, achieving a Bachelor of Health Science, major in Nutrition and Stress Management.

After working in the sports industry and then going back to university, she completed a Masters in Sports Management and met her husband.

Her greatest ‘health understanding and clarity’ came as a new mother, trying to juggle being an athlete manager to her husband, and create food on a very, very limited budget – life was demanding ‘bang for your buck’ solutions for our pressure filled life.

Emotional health quickly became Sally’s number one focus and for the last 6 years has shaped the research and teachings that she shares with her family and clients.

She knows that great health really is achievable without having to spent a fortune or take up too much time.

Post COVID, Sally hopes that her message spreads quickly so that our children can jump the fear of Covid and our community can reshape itself in a positive and powerful way.

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Sally Imeson