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Why We Need A Role Model with Elizabeth Gould

Female archetypes are something that we might associate with ancient mythological goddesses such as Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis.

But who are the modern day archetypes? Are there any archetypes that are relevant to women today?

Think of it this way: who are the “role models” that are influencing society right now? This is an interesting topic to explore, especially when we consider the likes of Kim Kardashian being a very big archetype of this century.

Join me in conversation with author Elizabeth Gould to find out all about female archetypes, how important it is for us to have role models and why midlife women need to step up as role models for future generations.

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About Today’s Guest: Elizabeth Gould

Mother, Educator, Puberty and Menopause Mentor

Elizabeth Gould is a mother, and educator who has taught and mentored girls at puberty and is the former director of a non-profit dedicated to positive menstrual/menopausal education and awareness.

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