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You might not think of peri-menopause or painful periods as being traumatic, but any woman who’s experience one or both knows how debilitating they can be both mentally and physically.

The brain fog, the forgetfulness, the lost work days, the concern that you’re losing your mind, the stress about all these weird symptoms you’re suddenly experiencing, the ridiculously heavy periods, the pain. All of these things lead to one thing: stress. And stress leads to mental and physical sickness.

Chana Studley talks to us about how we hold trauma and stress in our bodies, how our natural human tendency is to focus on that stress / pain / trauma, and how much that negatively impacts on our lives.

She also talks about how we can move beyond all that! This is fascinating, insightful and informative listening. Come and join us and let us know what your thoughts are on what we talk about.

Listen, watch and find out more here:

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