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Overhearing a conversation between two male relatives as a child where they’re discussing the fact that it was a shame that you were born a girl because with your personality and gifts, you should have been born a boy, will have a huge impact on how you view yourself and your gender.

The fastest growing age group for divorce is in the over 55’s and recently I’ve had personal experience in why that’s the case.

Devoting yourself to others should be a role that gives us the highest respect, yet it isn’t. I’ve had several conversations with experts about the growing divorce rate of couples as they head towards retirement age is caused by the women realising that they’ve had enough of being treated like a second rate person. 

Unfortunately, it generally takes their husbands/partners completely by surprise because they’re in the space of, “well, she’s done this for years, why can’t she just carry on being happy with it?”

Listen and watch the episode and then let me know your thoughts and experiences.

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